How To Come Up With A Great Podcast Name?

When it comes to coming up with a great podcast name for your podcast, it can be difficult.

Your podcast name can decide if your podcast is going to be successful or not. So it’s very important that you come up with a good name.

Avoid Name Generators

If you are lucky then maybe you can find a good name on one of those only podcast name generators. But the chances of that are very slim.

Most of these generator will give you generic names that don’t sound unique or stand out. They take your keyword (the word you type in the generator) and combine it with common words. If you want to podcast to succeed, this is not the way to do it.

Of course you can use generators to give you an idea of what your name should be. You can use them to start your brainstorming.

Rules Of A Good Podcast Name

Here are some rules that you should follow when coming up with your podcast name.

Short & Sweet

The general rule is no more than 3-4 words.

Short names are easy to say and are easy to remember.

You have to also keep in mind that this name needs to fit on your podcast cover art (and later on it needs to been put on your merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, and etc.) so having a short name will make this much easier on you later on.

Straight To The Point

Most people try to come up with very creative names and that always leads to the name being very complicated.

Your name should also give an idea about what your podcast should be.

For example, if your podcast is about is about helping people get over their fears or get our of their comfort zone, you could name your podcast “One Step At A Time” or “Get Out & Grow” (Both of these names are creative, short, and straight to the point)

You don’t want to name your podcast something like “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Podcast” (This is too long and too boring!)

Don’t Put “The”

A lot of people feel like adding “The” in front of their podcast name is a good idea, but it’s not!

Remember, you are trying to build a brand. If you want a successful podcast, it has to be a brand by itself.

So just think about all the brands you know out there… how many of them have “The” in their names? (Probably none)

In some cases it might work, for example, “The Morning News” or “The Sport Hub”

But the general rule is try to avoid the word “The” in your podcast name.

Don’t Include The Word “Podcast”

People listening to your podcast already know that they are listing to a podcast, so why include it in your name?

Going back to building your brand, do your see Nike (world’s biggest brand) change their name to Nike Sport Clothes? (Probably not)

Now if you are creating this podcast for your blog, YouTube channel or show, or something that you already have followers for then it might make sense to have the word “podcast” at the end. But still, if you can avoid it, then avoid it.

Avoid special characters, misspellings, abbreviations, and punctuation

Most of your listeners are going to find your podcast by searching for your name. If your names included special characters, misspellings, abbreviations, and punctuation, it might be hard to search and find them.

Also, some podcast websites like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc. might not be able to display special characters so it is best to avoid them in your podcast name.

Bad example of a podcast name

How To Come Up With A Good Podcast Name?

First of, make sure you follow the rules above.

But you need to keep in mind that you need to come up with a name that works with the content of your podcast. The name should also be easy to say for you because you might be saying it on your podcast episodes.

Pick a good podcast name can be tricky. But with a little help of the rules, you will have a better understand of what name will work and what will not.

But remember, don’t focus too much just on your name. People will listen to your podcast for you and your content. Name is important but it’s also important to have fun with your podcast cause that means your listeners are also having fun.

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